Bootstrap Magic made with AngularJS

Create simply your own Twitter Bootstrap theme. Like it ? Save it !

Create your theme GitHub project - 3.1 - 3.0 - 2.3.2

What's great ?

Contextual and live preview

See instantly what you are changing on the content.

Magic Typeahead

Awesome typehead function included : Find variables as you type.


Got the color that you love with Colorpicker.

Import your variables

You already have set some variables. Import them and you can even custom your own new variables.


Satisfy? Download your personalized CSS, minified or not and LESS variables.

Less included

You like Less ? Bootstrap theme editor support lovely Less language with all the functions. Use all the functions less that you love.

AngularJS Project

Awesome framework for an awesome project. Check out our GitHub project.

They talked about it.