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Bootstrap Magic 4.0

Create your Bootstrap 4.0 themes easily.

Live preview, live HTML coding to help you create your Bootstrap 4.0 theme direclty in your browser

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What's great

Bootstrap 4.0 Theme generator

Bootstrap 4.0

Includes the latest and greatest, Bootstrap 4.0, for fresh and up-to-date templates.

SASS Bootstrap themes generator

Sass included

Bootstrap Magic leverages Sass’s power to make all helper functions available to you. Darken, ligthen and the mixins goodness are just one click way.

Colopicker to select your color

Color Picker

For each color variable, you can either go with the Color Picker or use your hex/rgba codes directly.

HTML Code preview

HTML code preview

You can now insert your own HTML and CSS and get a live preview with your freshly created Bootstrap theme.

Magic Typehead Bootstrap variables

Magic Variables Typeahead

Find all Bootstrap variables as you type to create links between variables.

Google font for custom design

Google Fonts

Create your template with all Google Fonts. They are all included in font magic Typeahead. Simple.

SCSS and CSS download

Download in CSS/SCSS

Happy about your template ? Download your full CSS stylesheet or your SCSS variables.

Open Source project MIT Licence

Open Source Project

Bootstrap Magic is all Open Source and free with the MIT License. Can be reused as you want.

Customize your Bootstrap Themes!

Start using our Bootstrap Magic generator and create your own theme in minutes

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